I steal the closet of… Natalia Alaverdian

Here I am again after a long break of Panettone and fattyfatfat food, ready to exasperate yourselves with anxieties for Summer swimsuit fitting test and with diets that will definitely start on Monday, but who knows on which month/season/year. If you feel overwhelmed too, I recommend you quick-fire viewing of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swifth’s several photos, to recover a satisfying sense of peace with your Ego.

I totally understand you, Bruno!

I totally understand you, Bruno!

We support short people!

We support short people!

Despite this spiritual-zen momentum, despite sale season shopping, I cannot still make peace with my wardrobe. This is the reason why I have decided to delight youselves with another episode of “I still the closet of…”, sharing with you the best Natalia Alaverdian’s outfits. She’s a super super Fashion Insider, photographer, stylist, Fashion Director for Harper’s Bazaar Russia and founder of A.W.A.K.E. brand. In short, in addition to stealing her closet, I’d love stealing her job too!

Rieccomi dopo un lungo break di panettoni e ciccionate, pronta ad esasperarvi con ansie da prova costume e diete che cominceranno di sicuro un Lunedì, ma non si sa bene di quale mese/stagione/anno. Se anche voi vi sentite oppresse, consiglio la visione a ripetizione delle numerose foto di Bruno Mars e Taylor Swifth per ritrovare un’appagante senso di pace con il vostro Io. Nonostante questo slancio zen-spirituale, nonostante gli acquisti con i saldi, non sono però ancora riuscita a far pace col mio armadio. E’ per questo che ho deciso di deliziarvi con un’altra puntata di “Rubo l’armadio di…”, condividendo con voi le migliori mises di Natalia Alaverdian, una super super Fashion Insider, fotografa, stylist, Fashion Director per Harper’s Bazaar Russia e creatrice del brand A.W.A.K.E.. Insomma, oltre a fregargli l’armadio, vorrei fregargli pure il lavoro!

1bf79a0562b3a1b4e515b5d155122fdf 8c27607f70818d37deea88e466164d89 8e96ea88045e697b05554015e8091f5e 41a3f63b8d8a5a345fcb9cacfb8d65b3 043d831aea939ebbe5cf4c54c6020ef7 80bfa8b44cf92980ac30bd1d497f93cd 870bb7977742f721bc6f484ae934333c 4511fb1e15a930d0f24d4b0ae9da5291 200274_10150108588303299_1272515_n 314286_376013235816573_1213240895_n 533990_376012849149945_938391861_n e1623e2f42317bdb249bf49a16725b24 f5708b829d595c689bfcfed59db2a1eb fa2a8b46499443475472ae1e026e12da natalia-alaverdian-parisAll pictures are from Google and Pinterest

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4 Responses to I steal the closet of… Natalia Alaverdian

  1. i would literally wear any of these. Such a great inspiration. If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest make-up tutorial. xo


  2. Jane says:

    Oh my.. I think I just got myself a new style crush.

    New YSL post on my blog

    Follow me on bloglovin

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